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What do we do?

We promote health related products and services via a variety of websites and by direct marketing via our email newsletter campaigns. We specialise primarily in the UK health, medical, mental health, alternative, complementary therapy and well-being sectors. Our primary contact email list contains in the region of 85,000 unique records, of which approx 70,000 are UK based. Find out more...

We can also email newsletters to your mailing list on your behalf if required. Your data remains secure at all times.

What services & products do you promote?Our aim is to be as varied as possible. In the case of training course promotion we promote courses with topics that include stress management, NLP, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, audio CD production, technology enhanced psychotherapy and more... Most of the courses that we help to promote are 1 day events. Find out more...

Product / service quality?

Our training providers are all verified experts in their field with a good track-record of delivering professional training courses. The product providers that we work with have all been vetted by us as far as possible for legality etc.

What we are not...

We are not email list data brokers and do not sell email data.

We are located at:

High Wycombe

United Kingdom

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